Monday, February 21, 2011

Rather be happy ....

I watched a movie about Bill Maher's search for God - Religulous. It was rather interesting but his intentions seemed mixed between 1) simply wanting to make a comedy, 2) confirming his disbelief and needing the world's support, and 3) perhaps a deep sense of really wanting to know.

I see religion, in the sense of it being man's make-up of beliefs and rules about God, and God & His actual Word, can be quite disparate, and the spirit of the law compared to the letter of the law.

I think he would have found more if he had read the Bible before exploring the people (who are going to be imperfect anywhere - glad he didn't come my way :)) and also the historical facts of Jesus recorded by non-believing historians AT THAT PRECISE TIME, both of which, he seemed somewhat lacking in knowledge.

Upon thinking, I decided, that even if I was wrong in what I believe, I'd rather be happy believing that I have a plan and purpose, and experience the joy I feel when I trust I am doing God's will, and that He's taking care of me, to that of feeling my life is just here today and gone tomorrow, and therefore of little or no consequence.

I don't see how we can go wrong if we live by the precept of LOVING YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOURSELF, as Jesus summed up the law in relation to others. I think there is a sense of eternity in all of our hearts ...... ?

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