Wednesday, March 02, 2011


I had never thought of these words being synonymous. But in reading a book called “The Grand Weaver,” the author says – Perfection is not a change in the essential character but the completion of a course.

That is a very interesting concept and has a lot of meaning for me. In a recent conversation, it came to me that houses without roofs, are not livable – and therefore in the purpose they were intended, they are completely useless. It doesn’t matter if you hand carve the bricks or make them of gold, without a roof, it is still useless.

I heard a sermon once and the pastor said that one of Satan’s most successful tools is the suggestion of “TOMORROW.” And it is so true. We all know the saying, ‘Tomorrow never comes,’ yet we are fooled time and time again that we can put things off – and in our minds “we will finish tomorrow.”

We then try live in our unfinished homes – incomplete lives – and then curse God when it rains and we get wet. We blame Him for our lack and feel quite justified in doing so. He says – “just put the roof on!!!” “I’ve given you EVERYTHING you need for life and godliness. Use it." We CAN finish what we began.

I don’t mean that we must complete everything we ever have to do in one day – being today – it is the whole concept behind it – procrastination being the root of many of our failures.

I believe that He, Himself, is the One who gives us all we need. That we only truly become complete in as much as we allow Him to live through us. That that is the only way that we will ever successfully complete anything we ever do.

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